Once upon a time...
Dear Beautiful Parents,

My name is Jenny and I'm the artist and founder behind LittleSprog.co.uk

As a parent, one of my favourite times of the day is Story time!

Everyone in the house starts to wind down, and we select a book from the bookshelf to read before "lights out."

So in the sprit of storytelling, I wanted to share our story with you...

Oh and if you read till the end...

I have a special something for you!

Now, It all started about 3 years ago...

I decided to paint a watercolour painting for a friend of mine who had just had her first baby.

I was soooo incredibly happy for her and I wanted to do something really special.

The nursery they were designing had a zoo theme (they love animals - as do I!)

So anyway, I started sketching out my take on a modern classic "The A-Z of Animals"

I then used watercolours to bring it all to life!

Here is the original before I added any lettering...

So anyway...

I finished the piece and I was about to package it up ready to send to my friend, when my partner arrived home from work.

Immediately he said "That is amazing - you could sell that."

I laughed. 

I was pleased but I was not that confident in my work.

Anyway, my partner took it upon himself to share a few posts on Instagram and created a website.

In all honesty I did not believe anything would come of it.

But then in December 2018 everything changed.

Someone purchased a copy of this painting!

I was gobsmacked!

And it didn't stop there!

After a short while we reached our 100th order...

It was such an amazing feeling knowing that my paintings were being enjoyed by so many.


We had a problem!

The paper and print quality was frankly awful.

It reminded me of the really cheap washed out prints you could buy on Amazon for under £5

I made a decision to stop selling any more until we could get the quality to be so good, it was almost indistinguishable from the original.

So I set about researching different types of paper, printing types and ordered hundreds of samples.

I was determined to make this a really special item that did not compare to your every day run of the mill nursery print.

I was looking for the wow factor!

So anyway after many weeks of research and lots of money spent testing we finally found the absolutely best quality paper and print.

The result?

It was perfect!

The paper was beautifully thick and the colours, well, just wow! 

So powerful they "pop off the page"

and nothing could have prepared me for the feedback from our customers. 

It's been quite overwhelming!

A picture speaks a thousand words...
The Transformation...

We did it!

We created a version that was jaw-droppingly close to the original!

Beautifully Framed...

And the rest is history....

We expanded our range and found the "perfect frame"

Thank you for reading!

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I wanted to give you a little "thank you" for reading!

Best wishes