Thanks for stopping by - we understand that as a parent you are more than likely a very busy bee šŸĀ 

In the beginning....

Before writing this 'our story' page we consulted specialist brand gurus and marketing masters! We wanted to create something that read well and gave the impression of a trustworthy company which is relatible to young mums.

We came up with some lovely sounding sentences, in particular we liked this one :

Inspired by nostalgic windows of time, our super-duper vibrant range of infant apparel will feel like a rainbow of fresh air!
Almost like a M&S advert isn't it?

But then we thought....that is just fake nonsense - so let's just be honest....

Our story is simple and does not contain a heartfelt birth or a long struggle. We simply wanted better for our children and decided to have a go ourselves.

Drawing from personal experience as parents we kept on encountering poor quality, cheap clothing; totally lacking in innovation.

We wanted to take inspiration from classic design and retro vibes but also increase the vibrance, color and quality.

So simply takeaway this - Listtle Sprog Stands for :

You come first - Always, customer happiness is our priority number #1
No nasties - our materials are clean, pure and organic where possible.
Completely unique - Clear inspiration; Inspired by retro fashion : 80's, retro, classics
Fair and considerate - We will always try to do better and be fair in all of our decisions