Our Story

Thanks for stopping by - we understand that as a parent you are more than likely a very busy bee 🐝 

With that in mind, we'll keep this short and sweet. First off we want you to know that we can empathize with you and realise that being a parent can be both stressful & expensive. Keeping your little one safe, comfortable & fashionable too; it's no easy task. 

Ok ok, some take pride in the art of being a ninja mum (or dad) - but the superhero lifestyle is not for everyone. And let's get one or two things clear, the durability & materials used in most high street shops & supermarkets is frankly, under par. Not to mention the stress of trapsing around the shops. 

Sure. We're setting the ground work to blow our own trumpet, but before you dissapear hear us out. So why trust us with your hard earned cash? 

Little Sprog saw a niche for parents looking for something different (and I don't just mean style). In a world dominated by social media and marketing we wanted to stand out, spend less and offer more. A very big ask! How could we achieve this?

We don't spend much on branding or advertising and operate a business model which puts you in contact with the manufacturer. By cutting out the middleman and keeping things simple - we can pass on the savings to you! 

With free delivery, no fuss returns, great materials and a very unique selection; we hope to have you on board soon as another happy customer. Thanks for reading and thanks for visiting LittleSprog.co.uk